How it works

Q. Is a face-to-face meeting essential?

No, my services can all be done online.

Q. What is your working process?

After your initial contact about your project, I'll ask you to complete and return to me my short project planner. I'll then give you a quote.

Q. Do I have to pay anything up front?


Q. Will I be given a timeline?


Q. What if I don't like the copywriting?

I'll write a second draft. This can be a complete rewrite or just your required changes.

Q. How do you send the work?

As an e-mail attachment (Microsoft Word document format).

Q. What about invoicing and payment?

If you have not requested a second draft after receiving the first draft from me, I then invoice after 10 days.

Preferred payment is through bank transfer.

Contact Info

  • 07933 488 467